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Tear the World Apart // 48hr short

A Sci-fi short about altering memories


Created as part of the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival | 48 Hour Film Challenge

A bleak dystopian future where LGBTQ people need to undergo a ‘Correction’.

Title : Tear the World Apart
Prop/action : A character sips hot liquid from a glass container
Dialogue : They told us this was an upgraded version – notice any difference?

Lead Cast : Hollie Harrington-Ball
Supporting Cast : Gavin Bromley, Claire Cuminatto and Basil Marples
Editor : Michał Żak
Edit Producer: Evie Williams
Production Coordinator : Andrea Wake
Visual Effects : Javert Valbarr
Writers : Victoria Mason, Alex Michael and Kirstie Tostevin
Director : Josh Davies

Thanks to Ember Films ( for generously loaning film equipment.